This Wheelchair Changes Heights, Self Balances, and Climbs Stairs

The Scewo BRO wheelchair is unlike any other we’ve seen, full of brilliant design and functionality that can help disabled people in a myriad of ways.

This two-wheeled, self-balancing wheelchair has the ability to lift, lean, tilt and climb, all without breaking a sweat.

Even more impressive, the integrated treads can deploy underneath to tackle stairs, either climbing or descending. It’s a futuristic design that shows the power of innovative engineering.

Controlled through a joystick or the companion app, the wheelchair’s configurability means that disabled people will be able to join their able-bodied friends and family in activities that until recently were out of reach.

The winner of the prestigious Red Dot design award, the Swiss-designed Scewo BRO is understandably expensive, at over $40,000. However, for mobility that simply wasn’t possible or easy before, it seems priceless.

Via DesignBoom: