Tokyo Hotel Serves Diners in Futuristic Lantern Pods

Japan has taken the global pandemic seriously, and their relative low numbers reflect that attitude. Even in the tail end of 2021, the restaurants and hotels in big cities like Tokyo are not taking things lightly, with restrictions that other countries don’t have.

That doesn’t mean that Japanese businesses aren’t getting creative with their covid protections.

The Hoshinoya Tokyo is a high end hotel with restaurant, and it welcomes diners with a unique form of protection. The custom-made lantern pods allow for diners to interact with others, while remaining in their own airspace.

We appreciate the design, which has clear Japanese design, but also a friendly futuristic vibe to it, feeling artful and functional all at the same time.

Produced by traditional Kyoto lantern shop Kojima Shouten, the lamps have a collapsable function, making them easy to enter and leave.  Really clever and memorable. Via Design You Trust: