Vibrant Pop Collage Work by SLip

SLip is a self described “old French Geek” who discovered collage work and perfected it, creating dynamic pop art that is dynamic and captivating.

We see vintage imagery combined with pastel backgrounds and pop-art references that feel colorful and alive.

See more of SLip’s work on their website and Instagram.

Images used with artist’s permission. 

“I’m an old french geek making images on my computer for 20 years now. I was first inspired by soviet collagists like El Lissitzky or surrealists painters. Then I discovered more and more artists like Peter Saville or Stanley Donwood and they gave me ideas I tried to add on my creations.

My work could be describe as digital collage. That’s the easiest way to explain to people discovering my universe. I’d like to be called photomenteur, mixing photomontage and liar in french because i give new meaning to pictures I use.”