Visualization Comparing the Wild Water Depths From Around the World

From the relatively shallow depths of the world’s lakes to the absolutely stunning deepness of the Pacific Ocean, our planet is full of water.

It’s hard to visualize depths, especially compared to our everyday lives, and recognizable landmarks. That’s where MetaBall Studios comes in, with a very unique and helpful 3D animation, showing just how deep the planet’s bodies of water can get.

We see the animation start at a shallow beach and track down, first in the hundreds of meters, then into the thousands.  It’s impressive to see how deep places like Lake Superior and Lake Baikal are, considering they’re freshwater. When the animation gets to the oceans, the depths plunge quickly, surpassing the depths of many famous shipwrecks, down to the very lowest point on the planet, the Marianas Trench.

Take a look at the animation, and get a sense of just how deep things go. Via Kottke: