Vollebak’s New Full Metal Jacket is Virus-Killing, Made with 7 Miles of Copper Fiber

Vollebak is know for their extreme, no compromise designs, from clothing made of biodegradable algae to jackets that mimic the brilliant blue morpho butterfly.

They also feature longevity, with a line of clothing that is ‘guaranteed’ to last 100 years. Their designs are cutting-edge, small-production run, and very expensive.

So we were curious if they were going to address the worldwide pandemic, and indeed they are.  Their brand new Full Metal Jacket is indeed made mostly of copper, a known virus-killing material for generations.


Indeed, a whopping 15 kilometers of copper fiber is put into each jacket, in a production process that takes a full week to create.

The breathable, flexible, waterproof jacket looks incredible up close, as you see the lacquered copper yarn in detail.


And while this jacket is indeed a body shield from our strange, modern world of germs and viruses, it’s not a full protection, but more of an exercise in what’s possible with materials and design.

Available in two colors from Vollebak, for $1095.


“We know that copper has exceptional antimicrobial properties which means bacteria and viruses die when they make contact with it”

Steve Tidball, co-founder of Vollebak


“The copper releases electrically charged ions which first make it difficult for a microbe to breathe, before punching holes in its outer membrane, moving in and completely wiping out its DNA, preventing it from developing any future resistance.”