WAMA Underwear Is Made From Eco-Friendly, Antibacterial Hemp

Hemp has long been known for its versatility, going all the way back to George Washington, who grew the crop to make bags, nets, and canvas.

Lately, hemp is getting another look, this time from the clothing industry, which sees it as an eco-friendly alternative to synthetics, and a fabric that offers a number of benefits, from being antibacterial, strong, and versatile.

Wama is an underwear company who believes strongly in the future of hemp.

After trying Wama underwear for ourselves, we agree with the hype. It’s soft yet strong, breathable and lightweight, and designed in a way that made us forget we were wearing it at all. The quality, style, and comfort, paired with the eco-friendly benefits feel like a win-win.

Even better, Wama uses safe and fair labor practices, ensuring the undies you wear were ethically made.

Available in a range of earth tones and fits, from women’s undies to men’s boxers, we can definitely recommend it as an upgrade to our daily wardrobe. Starting at $24.

“Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, with anti-odor properties. Super comfortable, breathable and gets softer with every wash. Hemp is also organic, eco-friendly and can help save the planet. Hemp is the perfect fabric for your organic underwear. Why Not Hemp?”