Wire Sculptures by Gavin Worth

Via Colossal

Artist Gavin Worth has followed a road less traveled (or perhaps, more traveled). He was born in Zimbabwe in 1981, grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico and then lived for nearly a decade in San Francisco where he found work as an actor and musician before leaving for Cairo, Egypt to teach at the American International School. He never attended art school, and in his spare time has nurtured a lifelong obsession with drawing, painting, and sculpture. Via his website:

By bending black wire into something of freestanding line drawings, I create sculptures that engage the viewer by involving them in their subtle changes. When the light in the room shifts, so does the mood of the piece. A breeze might softly move an arm. My wire sculptures tell stories of simple human moments: a woman adjusting her hair, a face gazing from behind tightly wrapped arms, a mother gently cradling her baby. The honest, unguarded moments are the ones that I find to be the most beautiful.