Marquese Scott

Marquese Scott is destined to become a major name in dancing. In a video just uploaded a few days ago, he makes Michael Jackson’s moonwalk look like a pedestrian shuffle. His lanky, flexible frame can do amazing moves, replicating robotic sweeps and jerks, but also pulling off realistic slow-motion with ease. Hell, robots couldn’t ever do the ‘robot’ like Marquese can. In this dubstep remixed song, he pushes the envelope, creating a one-man routine compelling enough to watch again and again. Timed beautifully to the track, you’re painfully aware of how talented he is. At one point (4:13), he does a pirouette so strangely and amazingly you’re sure there must be wires tied to his extremities. Really fun to absorb, until you realize this makes your moves out on the dance floor more pitiful than ever.