Adobe’s New ‘Super Resolution’ Can Double a Photo’s Sharpness and Quality

Hollywood has been “enhancing” photos for so long, you’d be forgiven to not realize that this was all fake.

Shows like CSI and any garden-variety spy movie features scenes where grainy security footage is turned crystal clear with a few taps of a keyboard and the phrase “enhance”.   It’s comically inaccurate, or at least was.

Adobe’s new ‘Super Resolution‘ tool is starting to actually make that enhancement a possibility. However, you need to start with a halfway decent photograph.

Using AI and machine learning, Adobe’s Photoshop tool can effectively double the resolution of an image, smartly improving even the smallest detail. The use for this new feature should be great for photographers wanting to zoom in and crop portions of their images, while keeping great clarity and detail. It’s also a huge help for putting hi-res images up on screens, which are increasingly 4K or even 8K in resolution.

And while we expect it’ll still be a while before that grainy security footage can be made perfectly clear, we’re sure it won’t stop moviemakers from continuing to push the limits of what actually is possible.

Via PetaPixel:

“The idea is to train a computer using a large set of example photos. Specifically, we used millions of pairs of low-resolution and high-resolution image patches so that the computer can figure out how to upsize low-resolution images.”

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