Southern Dunes Project Transforms a Desert Landscape Into an Oasis

Foster + Partners is designing the Southern Dunes, an innovative luxury hotel as part of the massive Red Sea Project, a huge, multiyear endeavor which encompasses over 11,000 square miles, in Saudi Arabia.

Southern Dunes is designed to capture the magic of the desert’s environs, while providing protection from the intense sun. Each of the hotel’s 40 villas feature asymmetric vaulted roofs that mimic sails, while the central lodge and common outdoor areas have tree-like towers for shade.

The result is an oasis full of plant life, tastefully designed to take advantage of the beautiful sand dune views.

And if you believe the developer’s goals for the entire project, the building will have the following eco-benefits.

  1. No waste-to-landfill
  2. No discharges to the sea
  3. No use of single use plastic
  4. Achieving a 100% carbon neutrality

This luxury property is set to open in 2022.