Sunne Is a Solar Powered Light That Brings Sunset Hues Into Your Home

Sunne is a sleek and elegant solar light that hangs in your window, harnessing energy from the sun and then diffusing it at night like a gentle sunset.

With the design ethos that solar energy doesn’t have to look scientific or industrial, the Sunne lamp is supremely well designed and streamlined. Designer Marjan van Aubel was inspired by the myriad colors that make up a beautiful sunset, and wanted to that experience into a premium product.

With a Kickstarter currently in progress, the Sunne aims to be available starting late summer 2021.

“Solar is becoming our planet’s cheapest source of energy and it will play a vital role in fighting our climate crisis.

Solar technology has come a long way since the blue roof panelling we all know: Through innovative solar design, we can weave energy into buildings and objects to increase their functionality and transform how they look. 

Sunne’s modern solar design combines art, sustainability and technology to create the indoor light of the future. “