‘Awaken’ Takes You on a Stunning Journey

We’re definitely suckers for films like Baraka and Samsara that leave the written narrative behind, and explore our earth purely through a visual framework. When done beautifully, there’s nothing but purity and beauty coming through the lens into your eye. Photographer and cinematographer Tom Lowe has been creating beautiful time-lapse photography and video for years now. His new (and first feature) film, Awaken, takes that to an entirely new scale, a jaw-dropping tour of the world filled to the brim with beauty. From Superman-speed flyovers of mountains, to underwater footage of elephants swimming, to incredible above-the-clouds exploration of skyscrapers in Dubai, Awaken is gorgeous, and is definitely a must-see. The trailer is set to M83’s Outro, an epic track that only elevates the visuals further.

“Stunning. Minds will be blown. I saw stuff that’s never been done before.”
– Vincent Laforet

awaken moss and fog 1awaken moss and fog 2awaken moss and fog 3awaken moss and fog 4awaken moss and fog 5