‘Big John’, the World’s Biggest Triceratops Sold at Auction for Nearly $8 Million

It’s fair to say that Big John will be the ultimate conversation piece, when it is (carefully) installed at its new owner’s home.

That anonymous buyer just spent nearly $8 Million on the remarkably well preserved skeleton of this triceratops, affectionately called Big John. Discovered in South Dakota in 2014, the triceratops measures 7.15 meters long (23 feet) and stands 2.7 meters high (8 feet) at the hips.   This massive beast is officially the largest documented triceratops skeleton, adding another impressive aspect to the auction excitement.

Sold in Paris this week, it marks the most expensive skeleton sold in all of Europe, but scientists agree the price is warranted, due to the extremely well-preserved nature of the remains.

Big John lived over 66 million years ago, when much of the Earth was drastically different from how it is today.

We can only imagine how impressive it must be to visit this enormous skeleton in person, while you’re having your morning coffee.

Via Reuters and NBC News:

“The dinosaur died in an ancient flood plain on the island continent stretching from present-day Alaska to Mexico, allowing the conservation of its skeleton in mud.”

“It’s being acquired by an American collector, and that individual is absolutely thrilled with the idea of being able to bring a piece like this to his personal use,” said Djuan Rivers, a representative for the buyer.
– Reuters