Blue Planet II

blue planet ii cover

The BBC is pretty much the undisputed king when it comes to nature documentaries. Planet Earth is seen as the pinnacle of epic nature shows, and when Planet Earth II was released last year, we were thrilled. We’re super excited to see the trend continue with Blue Planet II, also hosted by Sir David Attenborough. This new installment comes 16 years after the original, and one can just imagine the technological advances that have happened in that timeframe. New, state-of-the-art cameras and techniques will allow us our best view yet into the magical world of the oceans, unearthing new species, and a new understanding of sea life.  At the same time, host David Attenborough will explore the fragility of our oceans, and the ways in which humans have pushed fish to the brink, with pollution, overfishing, and climate change. Indeed, we can expect to be as troubled as we will be thrilled.

blue planet ii moss and fog 1

In addition, composer Hans Zimmer will be creating the score, in collaboration with Radiohead, to create some truly epic musical backdrops for the scenes.

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