Cereal Box Art: Hipster Vintage

If I know anything about hipsters, it’s that they love vintage triangles.  Say what?

I happen to know a lot of hip, young, design-y types, and the work I see coming from them is geometric, pattern-based, and desaturated, usually with a lot of scenic outdoor photography.   There is a lot of cool looking stuff, don’t get me wrong.  But it can be so derivative as to become pastiche and meaningless.  It is sometimes as if a ‘style’ has to be applied to everything before it has relevancy, and this ‘veneer’ concept can get old and stale.

Here is a quick example of the style I see:

Everything about this screams it, from the bold, minimal type to the now-vogue urban Navajo pattern, wow! Hipsters with spoons, rejoice!

So, when I came upon a true ‘vintage’ example of this style, it was perhaps vindicating to the hipsters, perhaps to me, perhaps to both.

And don't even get me started on this plaid-heavy box.