Secret 4th Generation iPhone Saga

Wow, talk about soap opera, the leak of the iPhone prototype made waves in the geek/tech community today.

Gizmodo has a dramatic retelling of the tale, but the Cliffs Notes would summarize:

•Young Apple engineer gets drunk at nearby German bar.

•Young Apple engineer leaves hyper-expensive and highly secretive iPhone prototype on bar stool.

•’Source’ finds phone, plays with it, only realizes it is special when he opens fake case to reveal new phone inside.

•Tries to alert Apple, he is not taken seriously over the phone and gets nowhere.

•Sells prototype to Gizmodo for $5000.

•Gizmodo tells ALL, shows all angles, tries to power on phone-it was remotely wiped by Apple.

•Blogosphere goes crazy, 4,000,000 hits in under 24 hours.

•Apple writes official letter to Gizmodo asking for the prototype back, confirming all.

•Geeks like myself eat it up!