Controversial ‘Sarco Euthanasia Pod’ Gets Approval in Switzerland

Death with dignity has always been a controversial issue. The ending of one’s own life comes with a lot of responsibility, and for far too long, long-suffering patients have had to live out their lives due to political constraints, not medical ones.

As morbid as euthanasia may be, it also brings up a fundamental human right that should be given more respect and care.

In most countries, assisted suicide is strictly illegal, and only in a handful of countries are doctors able to assist in the process.

Countries like Switzerland are leading the way, with rules and laws that should make euthanasia an elegant and painless process, versus one that feels needlessly long and drawn out.

The Sarco Pod is a new device meant to usher in a new era of dignified death. Euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke is the founder of Exit International, and the inventor of the pod.

The 3D-printed, futuristic pod allows a user to gracefully lie down, and activate the process, which floods the chamber with nitrogen. This painless process causes the user to experience slight euphoria before passing out. The person then passes away after a few minutes without oxygen.

It’s startling to picture, yes. But when seen in the context of painful, expensive hospital deaths, it’s a refreshing and ethically sound invention.

Via Global News:


“The country’s medical review board announced the legalization of the Sarco Suicide Pods this week. They can be operated by the user from the inside.

Dr. Philip Nitschke, the developer of the pods and founder of Exit International, a pro-euthanasia group, told the machines can be “towed anywhere for the death” and one of the most positive features of the capsules is that they can be transported to an “idyllic outdoor setting.” “