EarthSpeakr Lets Kids Speak Up For The Planet

EarthSpeakr is a beautiful and clever new app from designer Olafur Eliasson that uses augmented reality to let kids superimpose themselves onto nature, and record messages about the planet.

Think of it similar to those funny animated emoji people send, but on physical items in the real world, bringing a leaf or a puddle or an iceberg to life. The idea is to give kids a voice for Mother Nature, and speak up for what changes need to happen. You can view a colorful map of the world with individual videos represented as colored marbles. Each one is a message from a child, with their thoughts about what things we can do to help the planet.

It’s a cute but also powerful idea, and we applaud the effort of encouraging children to speak up for the earth. It needs all the help we can give it.

Check out the app here: