Electronic Mandalas Within Vintage Tennis Rackets

These objects are incongruous to one another. Artist Leonardo Ulian knows that, and has a knack for creating objects that span various mediums and materials. This series uses vintage electronic components, carefully soldered and suspended in a mandala-like formation.

We love the abstracted faces that Ulian has created with these very unique, and very skillfully created pieces. And there’s something magical about the way the oval frame of the tennis racket holds something so different from its traditional webbing. See more of his fascinating work on Instagram.


The egg shape of the “head” of these vintage rackets reminded me of something yet familiar but at the moment lost. The result is a composition that resembles vaguely a human face made from a recycled object from the past, the racket, clashing with the rest of the elements, electronic parts, and the found objects. Then, an anomaly called “pareidolia,” the mechanism that leads our brain to bring things and objects of all kinds back to known and sensible forms does the rest. Will these be the faces of the future?