Explore Castles Big and Small in Every US State

When you picture castles, you generally picture ancient parts of Europe. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But castles do exist in America, and the team at HomeAdvisor has spent the time tracking down one in every single US state.

It’s a pretty impressive collection, though we wouldn’t say every castle is worthy of royalty. Indeed, some of them are more quirks of architecture than prominent constructions. Even still, it’s a worthwhile collection, and if you find yourself in an unexpected state, you might just happen upon a castle or two.

Via NeoMam, used with permission. 

“Think Europe is the only continent with expansive castles? Think again.

Although fairytale castles are synonymous with Europe, the USA boasts an impressive array of beautiful and

bizarre examples.

HomeAdvisor found an amazing castle in all 50 states across the U.S. and then created an illustrated tribute for

each of them. Perhaps one of these could serve as your next vacation spot?”