This ‘Leather’ Bag is Actually Made From Mycelium Mushroom

Leather is still widely used, but lately there have been a number of alternatives, many of them made from innovative materials that give animal hide a run for its money, while being more humane and better for the planet. The latest we’ve seen is from Hermès and MycoWorks, who have teamed up on a range of bags that utilize mycelium, which is the vegetative, thread-like filaments of the organism that produces mushrooms.

MycoWorks has been working with the innovative material for several years now, and their collaboration with Hermès shows how mature and refined the mycelium leather can be.

Learn more about the material and the collaboration on DesignBoom:

“We could not imagine a better partner than Hermès to present our first object made of Fine Mycelium. Hermès and MycoWorks share common values of craftsmanship, quality, innovation, and patience.”

    – Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO