Fall Foliage Tracker Keeps You On Top of Autumn’s Peak Colors

We love fall colors more than just about anything. There’a a real magic in the air when the trees turn yellow, orange, and red.

Finding out when the colors reach there peak in what areas can be tricky, however. Luckily there’s a great resource from SmokyMountains.com, with an interactive Foliage Tracker.


You can use their unique tool which tracks thousands of data points to predict when and where in the US the fall colors will be at their peak. It’s fascinating to see the tool’s prediction, and the way color spreads from the northern states to the south.  Check it out, and happy leaf peeping!

Via SmokyMountains.com

Regarding the map’s accuracy:

“Similar to any meteorological forecast, leaf predictions will never be 100% accurate. However, after publishing our predictive fall foliage map for nearly a decade, we are quite confident in our data sources, process, and algorithm. Our experience combined with a scheduled mid-season update has us especially confident about this year’s predictions.”