Goblin Magazine

goblin-moss and fog 5

The Goblin Magazine was a classic publication in Canada, started in 1921, and for a time, the biggest publication in the country. Full of some of the best writing, jokes, poetry and comics, Goblin always had fascinating, sometimes strange cover art. Out of Toronto, the magazine included art from people like Lou Skuce, Jimmy Frise, Lawson Wood, Jack Maclaren, Russ Fisher, Walter Schmidt, Syd Law, and many more. Thanks to the Internet Archive, the magazines have been preserved, and they can be read in their entirety.  We’ve gathered a few of our favorite covers from various years.

Goblin moss and fog 1goblin moss and fog 2goblin-moss and fog 8goblin-moss and fog 7goblin-moss and fog 6goblin-moss and fog 4goblin-moss and fog 3