Google’s Project Starline Creates Stunning, Next Level Video Conferencing

For those of you that spend a lot of your days on Zoom calls, you can attest to the fact that they don’t look or feel especially realistic. Indeed, the low-res camera on your laptop and bad lighting that often accompanies home offices make for very bad video calls.

Google wants to change that, and they have a very impressive prototype to demonstrate it. Known as Project Starline, the technology uses 3D imaging, a super hi-res 8K screen, four GPUs, four microphones, and a whole lot of cameras.

All of that technology comes together to create an experience that makes a user seem like they’re talking to someone through a pane of crystal clear glass.  The video below gives users a sample of the experience, and it really does look impressive. The level of detail and presence is leaps and bounds better than today’s video conferencing.

This is still a prototype, and who knows how scaleable this technology might be. But it’s a fascinating look into the near future of teleconferencing, and the ways we may be connecting in a few years.  Via The Verge: