Gradient Space is an Elegant and Clever Solution for Cramped Living

We love the way that designers and architects can solve thorny problems, with ingenuity and style.

Take a small, one bedroom apartment, with little room for seating, storage, and even sleeping. It presents limited choices, but with the right design, a clever solution can solve all three problems at once.

Metre Architects have done that with their ‘Gradient Space‘, a sleek system that includes smart storage, tiered seating, a queen bed, as well as a sleek entertainment area.

Designed almost like a wooden waterfall, Gradient Space has elegant lines and finishing that makes it feel warm and sophisticated. The stepped appearance also makes it ideal for hiding storage, and providing places for sitting and lounging.

And even though this was designed for small spaces, we can see it being useful and attractive for spaces of all sizes. Via Yanko Design: