Great Wrap is the Eco Friendly Plastic Wrap Alternative We’ve Been Waiting For

Great Wrap is the answer to your kitchen plastic prayers. Cling film, plastic wrap, Saran Wrap, it’s convenient at the moment, but will sit in a landfill for decades to come, or even worse, pollute our waterways and find its way into the oceans.

A biodegradable alternative, Great Wrap is made from food waste, making it perfect for your leftover needs.

Created out of potato waste and cassava, the cling wrap is the result of years of work from bio-designers, scientists, and engineers in Australia. It works like traditional plastic wrap, but safely breaks down in the compost, leaving no plastic waste behind.

Housed in a fun recycled cutter case, Great Wrap hopes to make a dent in the single-use plastic waste that is plaguing our beautiful planet. Available for pre-order now.

“Great Wrap is a revolutionary stretch wrap material made from potato waste. We are a team of bio-designers, engineers and scientists that have developed a new paradigm of packaging technology that enables us to manufacture compostable stretch wrap. Our materials perform the same as conventional plastic but will break down in under 180 days. Great Wrap is 100% compostable, meaning it will add organic matter to your compost pile leaving no microplastics behind.”