Impressive Miniature Baskets Woven from Invasive Plants and Weeds

These remarkably tiny and intricate baskets and bowls were hand woven from invasive grasses and weeds by Suzie Grieve and shows her very deft handiwork.

Created from bindweed, dandelion and other plants near her home in the UK, Grieve fashions high quality bowls and baskets that would look at home on a garden gnome’s dinner table.

She tells Colossal:

“One of the things I enjoy most about working with wild foraged materials is the awareness it gives you of the seasons and cycles of the plants and the land”

An assortment of miniature baskets, smaller than a human fingernail.


Made from weeds and grasses that are usually considered a nuisance, Grieve shows us the beautiful objects they can become.

Using no other dyes or manmade materials, she crafts sturdy and intricate baskets.

A charming collection, if we do say so ourselves.

See more on the website Foraged Fibres