It Just Snowed in the Sahara

We know much of the eastern United States recently went through an intensely cold stretch of weather. Well, they’re not alone. One of the most unlikely places in the world just got a dusting of snow, the usually hot and dry Sahara Desert. The town of Ain Sefra in Algeria received up to three inches of snow, a land where the average low temperature is more like 55°-65° Fahrenheit  (12-13° C). The last time snow stuck in this area was 1979, meaning a whole generation of people have never seen snow in this part of the world. A burst of cold air associated with a low pressure system contributed to this unusual weather event. These photos by Zinnedine Hashas show a beautiful, red sand desert, which light dusted patches of snow. Climate change is a weird beast, bringing record heat, record cold, and all manner of strange weather around the globe.  Via Earther: