Jack the Dog

Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend for a reason, and that loyalty, personality and charm turn them into just as much of a family member as anyone.  So it’s with sadness that our family dog, Jack, is to be put to rest today.  I helped pick Jack out of a litter of adorable husky/collie pups back in 1997, and though a bit on the timid side, Jack quickly became best friends to our patriarch/alpha dog, Scout. The collie in him was noble and sophisticated. The husky in him made him howl and ‘talk’ on command. And his love of running often got him into trouble. But I’ve never known a more gentle animal, just a pure soul. You could literally hold a piece of bacon in front of his mouth, and with the utmost concern, Jack would gently accept the present. He led a very long life of 15 years, filled with daily walks, runs, reluctant swimming and endless lazing in the shade.

We love you, Jack. Goodbye, my buddy.