LEGO’s Huge New ‘Home Alone’ Set is Masterfully Detailed and Faithful to the Film

LEGO Ideas is a series that crowdsources clever and impressive ideas and concepts for new LEGO sets. The winning sets are produced, and the creator gets 1% of the royalties.

The newest, and possibly most impressive one to date from this series is the Home Alone set, a nearly 4,000 piece box of faithful film  amazement.

The set would be impressive enough on its own, even if you weren’t a fan of the movie franchise.  But those that know and love the Home Alone series will be thrilled, as the set includes dozens of adorable movie references.  From the backyard tree fort with zip line to the Michael Jordan silhouette trick on a train, the set allows users to easily split the home into three levels, so the details can be explored, and the booby traps can be played with.

We’re personal fans of the Wet Bandits, and are pleased to see their plumbing truck is here, as well as hilarious details like Marv’s hot iron-to-the-face mark, and look of rage.

Users can help Kevin throw a can of paint over the bannister, use the trap blow-torch over the dog door, and so much more.  There’s even battery powered bricks that light up, and a geared train set for added fun and realism.

Check out all of the fun details below.

The set goes on sale November 1st, for $250.  We can imagine it will be a huge holiday 2021 seller.

Via The Verge: