Wind Catching Systems Aims to Disrupt Offshore Wind Power With Unique and Powerful Design

In the world of wind energy, bigger really is better. Offshore wind farms have turned to massive, powerful individual turbines that capture energy and send it to the grid.  What if those turbines were combined into a framework of sorts, capturing even larger quantities of clean energy?  That’s the idea behind Wind Catching Systems, a new startup that aims to disrupt the traditional offshore wind power world.

Their prototype stands taller than the Eiffel Tower, and combines dozens of individual turbines within a gridline frame.  This combined design is said to be up to five times more efficient than single turbines, which are often spaced apart, and can take up a large amount of area.

Wind Catching Systems hopes to improve both the cost and efficiency of wind power, making it the obvious choice when it comes to renewables. One of their systems can power as many as 80,000 homes.

Take a look at their unique configuration below.

A size comparison for the massive Wind Catching Systems technology



The unique configuration is highly efficient at capturing and producing clean power

One Wind Catching unit produces enough electricity for 80,000 European households

Five Wind Catching units can produce the same amount of electricity as 25 conventional turbines