Poignant Pencil Portraits

Pencils tell a story, and through the work of Mike Tinney and Alex Hammond, they show a body of work that cuts across mediums and, increasingly, technology.

The good ‘ol pencil still has a lot of relevance for people, despite the fact that computers, smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Their simplicity, reliability, and universality make them a mainstay of many of the designers, architects, and writers of our day.

From Alex Hammond:

“The pencil and its ability to bridge the gap between hand and paper so effectively makes it exceptionally powerful, and as we’ve found, still much loved amongst the creative heroes of our generation”

In their series, The Secret Life of the Pencil, they directed a photo shoot that gave a nod to some of their favorite living creators. Some are done with the style of pencil, others are done with the worn-in character of the device.  Below are a sample, via Colossal:

pencil portraits

The pencil of William Boyd

pencil portraits

The pencil of Dave Eggers


The pencil of Thomas Heatherwick


The pencil of Henry Holland

pencil portraits

The pencils of Gerald Scarfe


The pencils of David Shrigley

pencil portraits

The pencil of Nick Park


The pencil of Anish Kapoor