Segera Bird’s Nest Retreat in Kenya

bird-nest-hotel-moss and fog 2

Segera Retreat is a world renowned Safari resort in Kenya, offering up some of the most luxurious and beautiful adventures in eastern Africa. Their latest addition to the property is the “Bird’s Nest”, an impressive structure that rises high above the savannah, with an enormous canopy of sticks woven together by local craftspeople.  The beautiful space is meant for two people, but an adventurous family could share the bird’s nest, using the top deck, accessible by trap door. Via DesignBoom:

bird-nest-hotel-moss and fog 3

“as close friends and supporters of segera, we were delighted to work with the talented NAY PALAD team to bring this incredible vision to life,’ says Segera GM, Jens Kozany. ‘we cannot wait to welcome our guests to this peaceful haven and to offer them a truly authentic and unique sleep-out experience, one that is sure to surpass expectations. To wake up to the magical sound of wildlife and birds, surrounded by pristine nature as far as the eye can see, is a life-changing experience; this is a place of true, untouched wonderment.”

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