Surreal Portraits with Dramatic Scenescaped Hairstyles

Geneviève Bellehumeur and Anaïs Faubert have a fantastical series of hairstyles that embody an entire scene, be it a volcano spewing lava, or a medieval castle.  The hairstyles become entire mini universes, with blowing storms, sailing ships, and so much more. From the artists:

We wanted to combine our strengths, both in photography and photo editing, to go beyond the flat reality of portraits and rather show a glimpse of the rich inner selves of our subjects. A way to show that behind our masks, we are complex and have dreams.

Via DeMilked:


An up-do becomes a fairytale castle, complete with trees and turrets.


A woman’s hairstyle becomes waves for a giant sailing ship.


A punk rock hairstyle becomes a bustling city with skyscrapers.


A flowing blonde hairstyle hosts a giant ferris wheel and rollercoaster.


A brunette’s hair becomes home for a series of waterfalls and cliffs.


A funky blue hairdo is perfect for a surfer catching some waves.


A beautiful red hairstyle transforms into a blustery tornado scene right out of Wizard of Oz.


A dramatic erupting volcano hairstyle is hot, indeed.


An ice-white hairstyle is perfect for hosting a ski hill.