Stepping Off for El Naturalista Shoes

El Naturalista makes natural shoes with quality materials and sustainable production. Their line includes shoes for men and women, girls and boys. Spanish photographer Mikel Muruzabal beautifully captures the energy and spirit of their footwear in a campaign where models seem to be stepping off into zero gravity. The settings of the scenes match the type of shoe they’re wearing.  A pair of women’s sandals leap off of a floating slab of marble. A man wearing nice loafers seems to leap off of a spritz of sand.  Lovely two-tone backdrops adds fun color and depth to the scene. The concept is abstract and creative enough to land itself in the category of art versus pure commercialism.  For a brand of shoes we hadn’t heard of before, we say the campaign did it’s job well. Via Behance:

stepping off // moss and fogstepping-off-moss-and-fog-3stepping-off-moss-and-fog-4stepping-off-moss-and-fog-5stepping-off-moss-and-fog-6