Sway Is Working to Use Seaweed Material to Replace Single Use Plastic

We’ve heard a lot about seaweed lately, from kelp farms to meat-alternative burgers made from the undersea plant. Now the company Sway is working to make alternatives to single-use plastic that are biodegradable and good for the planet.

Started by entrepreneur Julia Marsh, the company is still researching ways to improve their product’s strength and everyday application. Though they are well on their way to a solution that is as useful as plastic wrap and plastic bags, while fully decomposing within two months.

Using seaweed has a number of benefits from the outset; it’s highly efficient at sequestering carbon, it requires no additional water or fertilizer, and harvesting it is not harmful to the plant, it’s similar to cutting grass.

Sway says they will have their first testable product out this year, and we look forward to the near future, where single use plastic (and its waste) can be replaced with better alternatives.

The Dieline has a good interview with Sway’s founder, read more here.

Seaweed is easy to grow, and has a number of great eco benefits