Syd Mead, Famed Futurist Artist, Remembered

We’ve always thought the work of a futurist is fascinating, predicting and helping to shape the look and feel of the future. Syd Mead was one of the most respected futurists in the field, someone turned to when films wanted to depict a future society or place. Most well known for his work on Blade Runner, Alien, and Tron, Mead had an effortless ability to craft new and exciting visions, as well as strange and scary dystopian ones. Blade Runner was definitely some of his most famous work, but he influenced dozens of other films, and was involved in automotive design as well as architecture. His work will be remembered for generations. He was 86 years old. Via Dezeen:


I’ve called science fiction ‘reality ahead of schedule’

-Syd Mead