The HiBed Is the Ultimate Relaxing Cocoon

We’re not saying it’d be a good idea to spend a week in bed. But if you had to, there’d be a lot of worse places to be than the HiBed, designed by Fabio Vinella. The stylish, canopy-style bed is packed with features, from built-in lighting, to a 70-inch retractable screen, with projector.  In addition, the bed has a number of health related abilities, like monitoring weight, sleep patterns, temperature, and acting as an alarm.

We must admit there are times during a bad cold when the HiBed seems like the perfect place to binge-watch a show and forget about the outside world. Via Yanko Design:


“We dream of a world in which our living space will listen to us more and more and will be the key to our well-being, becoming our next and ultimate walk-in smart device.”