These Alien Worlds Are Actually The Bottom of a Scotch Glass

Is that the 6th moon of Saturn, Enceladus? Nope, it’s just a remnant from a night of drinking.

Phoenix-based photographer Ernie Button’s series looks like a collection of alien worlds, lit against a starry backdrop. In actuality, it’s the remnants from the bottom of a scotch glass, the dried remains creating strange and unique ‘footprints’ in the vessel.

Discovered while doing the dishes after a night of drinking, Button found that the fine lines at the bottom of the glass were always unique, and began photographing them in dramatic light, creating a series that’s out of this world. The resulting series is called Vanishing Spirits: The Dried Remains of Single Malt Scotch.

If you’re a fan of scotch, you probably will see your drink in a whole new light.

“Button uses a variety of colored lights to bring his images to life, resulting in extraterrestrial-like terrains that look like they were taken with a telescope.”