Tree Scars ‘Healed’ With Embroidered Art

While most people wouldn’t notice anything, artist Diana Yevtukh couldn’t walk past a tree with knots or scars, and not want to fill them with her work. She took to carefully hand-embroidering these scars, filling them with detailed eyes, hearts, and bunches of flowers.  The work is full of emotion and depth, but also has a lovely subtlety to it as well.

Whether the trees appreciate the effort, we’ll never know, but it’s a gesture that we think adds artistic life to the natural world. Via DesignBoom:

embroidered art on tree scarsdiana-yevtuh-embroidered-trees-moss-and-fog-2diana-yevtuh-embroidered-trees-moss-and-fog-3diana-yevtuh-embroidered-trees-moss-and-fog-4diana-yevtuh-embroidered-trees-moss-and-fog-5diana-yevtuh-embroidered-trees-moss-and-fog-6diana-yevtuh-embroidered-trees-moss-and-fog-7diana-yevtuh-embroidered-trees-moss-and-fog-8diana-yevtuh-embroidered-trees-moss-and-fog-cover