Vintage Stamps Form the Basis For Elaborate Illustrations

Stamps are a great window into culture, famous events, and historical works of art. Generally we see old stamps in collections or on post-dated envelopes, but when used in art pieces, they can become exceptionally expressive. Take this fun and creative series by  storybook illustrator Diana Sudyka. Her creations made from gouache, ink, and watercolor are fanciful and expressive, using very old stamps as either the focal point of the pieces, or blended in perfectly with the scenes.  In one, a 1952 Queen Elizabeth stamp makes the face of a walking figure in a forested scene. In another, a black panther stalks it’s prey, as a stamp with a castle on it creates a background for the painting.  The work is thoughtful yet playful, and it’s clear Sudyka had a lot of fun creating the series.


Via Colossal:

“I let the stamp inform the subject matter and color palette. It’s a very intuitive process. The stamp is really just a stepping off point to get my imagination going.”