Visually Exhilarating Ad by Spike Jonze

In a 4-minute music video/commercial for the new Apple HomePod speaker, director Spike Jonze pushes the limits of visual space and dimension. Featuring musician and dancer FKA twigs and an exclusive music track by Anderson .Paak, the ad features a woman exhausted from her busy day in the city, escaping to the small confines of her apartment. After asking her speaker to “play something I would like”, she comes alive with the track, and finds that her apartment’s surfaces are entirely manipulatable, similar to the tesseract in the film Interstellar. The way the video changes from drab to surreal is surprising and timed well. The music track is catchy and very danceable, as FKA twigs. shows in a fun, visually compelling performance.  It’s a great escapist premise commercial that delivers on creative visuals. Via AdWeek: