What Happens When a Luxury Automaker Designs a House?

We wouldn’t expect anything less than extravagant when a luxury automaker decides to design a home. But we’re impressed by the angular dimensions of this Aston Martin home entitled Sylvan Rock, located in the Hudson Valley.

Created in collaboration with S3 Architecture, the black cedar home is full of sleek design elements, luxury touches, and of course, an impressive garage enclosed in glass. Part of the automaker’s recent push into architecture, it’s an aspirational design, but rather tasteful in its luxury.

From Dezeen:

“When designing, we always let the land speak first and respond to it,” said Christopher Dierig, partner at S3 Architecture.

“It’s as if the home is born of and launching from the landscape. The resulting design blends our modernist aesthetic with the privacy and context of the rural location to create a unique luxury experience.”