A Tesla Engineer Redesigns the Simple Chocolate Chip

You might not think the simple chocolate chip was due for a redesign. Indeed, it may have seemed pretty low on the list of priorities. But for Dandelion chocolate, the consistency and bake-ability of the normal chip just wasn’t cutting it.

In his spare time, Tesla engineer and designer Remy Labesque has helped San Francisco chocolate maker Dandelion create a new, optimized form that has been extensively oven tested to elevate the simple chocolate chip cookie.

The square, faceted pyramid shape not only looks cool, but supposedly maximizes the melt-in-your-mouth pleasure. This clever design has been extensively tested by the Dandelion Chocolate pastry chef Lisa Vega.


Compared to these new diamond-esque chips, the traditional chocolate chip looks downright ancient.

“The [oldschool] chip isn’t a designed shape,” says Labesque. “It’s a product of an industrial manufacturing process.”


It goes to show you that even something pedestrian like a chocolate chip can be elevated and improved. Artisan sourcing and extensive design doesn’t come cheap, however. A large bag of these new chocolate ‘pyramids’ is $30.   Read more on Bloomberg: