Bauhaus Air Purifier Will Clean Your Air in Style

We’ve read a number of times in the past year that your indoor air could be dirtier than the air outside your home. And that’s not to mention the issue that wildfires and other hazards have done to air quality lately.

Air purifiers are rarely beautiful, however. The Bauhaus, by Keereem Lee, aims to change that, with a distinct style recalling the Bauhaus design from the early 20th century.

The contrasting shapes and forms create a compelling home object, one that feels more like art than a home appliance.

While only a design concept at this point, we’re impressed by the form, and hope objects like this can help bring more design and beauty into your home, all while helpfully cleaning the air.

“I designed an air purifier by expressing the poster of Bauhaus in 3D. It is an air purifier containing the philosophy of Bauhaus, which is designed based on basic figures, and my values pursuing modern design. You can show off your personality in the color you want.”