Brave Wilderness Finds Incredibly Rare Creature in Costa Rican Jungle

red velvet worm moss and fog 1

Brave Wilderness is a website and YouTube Channel that has been known for it’s host, Coyote Peterson, and his love of venomous and stinging insects. Videos of him experiencing painful stings are all over the internet. But in this video, the show’s producers come across an incredibly rare Red Velvet Worm in the Costa Rican jungle, and Peterson is overcome with excitement as he goes into great detail about the strange creature’s history and taxonomy. The creature is not really a worm at all, but it’s own species, an animal that has existed on Earth for over 500 million years, far longer than even the dinosaurs.

The team at Brave Wilderness carefully retrieved the animal from the jungle, created a miniature movie set to do some Planet Earth style shooting, and then returned the velvet worm to it’s home in the jungle. Costa Rica continues to impress us, as does a respect and love for our amazing natural world. red velvet worm moss and fog 2

We’re especially impressed by Coyote Peterson’s knowledge and passion for this strange creature, and it’s hard not to love it when someone is so enamored of the natural world around them.

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