Desserto Is a Brilliant Vegan Leather Made From Cactus

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, and the extensive use of animal leather is a major greenhouse gas culprit.

Two Mexican entrepreneurs with experience in the fashion and automobile industry knew there must be a better solution to create an eco-friendly leather alternative.  After much experimentation, they came upon cactus as the perfect option.

Called Desserto, their cactus leather is breathable, flexible, robust, and good for the skin, while also being nearly carbon neutral.  Cacti require very little water, and their process doesn’t even use the entire plant, but just trims large stems, which regrow quickly.


Desserto founders Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez

We love this type of innovation, combining eco-friendly materials and a potential replacement for a carbon-intensive staples, like animal leather.

Check out the Desserto website and Instagram page to learn more.