Fabian Oefner’s Sliced Sneakers

Fascinating sculptural work by Fabian Oefner, who has become an expert in the world of visual deconstruction.

In the Heisenberg Series, Oefner takes everyday objects and deconstructs them just enough to create a new visual experience. The sneakers in these examples have been carefully sliced and rearranged to feel familiar but new.

It’s a painstaking but impressive end result, one that shows the power of transformation, even with something mundane like a shoe.

From Oefner’s website:

“Through this transformation, the objects have a peculiar effect on their observer: When you look at them from a distance, you can easily identify the object. However, if you start to get closer to observe its inner workings, the shape of the object starts to get distorted and vanishes completely. As an observer you are never able to observe the object as a whole and its inner workings simultaneously.  The more accurately we see one view, the less clearly we see the other.”