Field Notes’ Limited Edition Notebooks

Field Notes’ motto is “I’m not writing it down to remember it later. I’m writing it down to remember it now.” But sometimes you need to remember it later too, especially when “it” is an appointment or deadline. The company’s latest set of quarterly limited edition memo books is here to help.

We recently got a chance to review the Field Notes Limited Edition ‘Ignition’ set, which is great to get your detailed planning underway. For absent-minded folks like we often are, it’s a clever way to organize thoughts and plans in a compact, handy manner.

They have nice features, like a weekly “to do” area, and a checklist, which makes crossing things off your list a breeze.  Plus, the paper is super durable and tear-proof, perfect for those with over eager pets or children.

The Ignition Edition 3-Pack contains two 26-Week Planners, with each spread covering a single week so there’s room for daily stuff and ideas and inspiration for an entire year. The third book is a “Checklist Journal” for easy to-do lists and bullet journaling. The Ignition Edition is available today at and from fine retailers worldwide.

“One product request that shows up in our inbox frequently — especially towards the end of the year — is for a pocket-sized planner,” said Jim Coudal, cofounder of Field Notes. “We love them, too, and I can’t wait to use this one myself to stay on top of project deadlines, record ‘notes to self,’ and remind myself to pick up the dog at 4 on Thursday.”

The Ignition Edition’s covers are made from durable, water- and tear-proof synthetic paper from Yupo in black, grey and white with handsome spot-varnish printing, and the interior pages are Finch Paper opaque smooth 60# text with gray rules. Made in the USA.