Incredible Foodscapes by Carl Warner

Feast your eyes on these amazing foodscapes. No, literally. Everything in these detailed landscapes are made of food, from the Kit-Kat railroad tracks to the cornichon cacti. Some of them actually made our collective jaw drop, the level of detail and creativity on display, all the work of artist and photographer Carl Warner. He is the undisputed master when it comes to foodscapes, an art form he helped pioneer decades ago.

There’s such imagination and fun in the landscapes, which are painstakingly created out of food by Warner and his team of experts. What began as a personal photography exploration has become his calling card. He is now commissioned by companies from all over the world to create stunning landscapes made of food, ranging from city scenes to elaborate jungle destinations.  We highly recommend you explore the vast portfolio that Warner has built over the years on his website. And make sure to follow his Instagram as well.

Images used with Carl Warner’s permission. 

Chocolate Express

Christmas Tree


In 1998 I picked up a portabella mushroom in a market, held it up to the light and imagined that it was some kind of canopy tree in an alien world. I took it back to my studio and with a handful of beans and rice I created my first Foodscape. Ten years later, with a couple of dozen images in my portfolio, the work was discovered by the media and the images went viral around the globe.

          – Carl Warner

Smoked Salmon Sea

Cowboy Valley

Tuscan Landscape


Tuscan Market

Chinese Junk


Parmesan Cliffs

Tuscan Kitchen